Monday, 2 March 2015

Finn Week 6: Refinements

For week 6, Karol and I decided to re-do or refine some of our older pieces from the project. For me I spent time attempting to re-do the forest piece, the Huntsman as well as tweaking the creature. The Huntsman is still a work in progress but I'm confident it will look much better than my previous attempt.

As mentioned I also felt I should re-do the forest piece. After some feedback I came to the realization that my pieces weren't fitting together or felt like they were in the same world. This is why we spent week 6 going over some of our older works.

I spent the start of the week on the creature. I created some line art orthographics and attempted to tweak the creature. The latter didn't work out as planned but I did create the ortho's.

As well as the creature, I also tweaked the King as I felt he needed to be in more of a standing pose. This would make the job of the modeller easier if this were used in the production of a game. I tried to get the idea across that the king is very closed off from the rest of the world and he possibly has a frail mental state as a result of being surrounded by the forest.

For the forest piece I was very inspired by a piece I accidentally came across while looking for reference online. I loved the depth and atmosphere that the artist created in the image and I wanted to attempt something similar. Something I noticed from my previous forest piece was that the trees needed to be broken up with possibly some old ruins. With that in mind I tried it in this piece.

 Here is a whitebox I used as a base for my image.

During the week I had a realization that a majority of pieces in my portfolio were blue or green or had blue or green in them. I made a point of trying to move away from that in this new piece.
I knew this image was going to be very challenging but I had fun making it all the same. To keep with the story I made sure to have a pool where Iron John might be dwelling. Overall I feel I could have done better but I did find it very challenging. If we get another chance of having a week to tweak certain images, I'll make sure to refine this a bit more.

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