Monday, 2 March 2015

Finn Week 7: The Castle

For week 7 we were to design the castle from the story. Architecture is very new to me and something I only briefly touched on with last years group project. When desigining it I knew it would make sense to design the castle around the king and his crown. I looked at old artists like Clarkson Stanfield and Albert Bierstadt and more modern environment concept artists like James Paick. Rather than just showcase the castle I wanted it to be set in an environment to help it fit the story.
Here are some silhouettes I did, designing with the King in mind.

It had to be slightly intimidating but also fit in just the right amount with its environment. I thought the feathers in the crown could be spires and that the castle should be on high ground, above but surrounded by the forest. I sketched up some rough thumb nails for composition. My favourite being the top right. These are really rough but it quickly conveys the ideas in my head onto paper.

Here I tried coming up ideas that covered certain design choices I had in mind such as having the castle on high ground, surrounded by forest and different kinds of spires.

I had an idea where the kingdom might look like Iron Town from the movie Princess Mononoke. What if the village was more industrial and used the surrounding forest for resources or if over time parts of the kingdom had fallen into ruin due to the forest.

Here is the final image I produced. This was a lot of fun to make even if the Photoshop file I was working on corrupted minutes before I had completed it! Luckily I managed to salvage most of it. I like to think the final image is a good example of taking a rough thumbnail sketch and turning it into a final image.

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