Sunday, 25 January 2015

Finn Week 2: The Forest

For this week we tasked ourselves with designing what the forest from the story may look like. In the story, a Huntsman persuades the King to let him enter the forest after years of living in fear of it. Not long after the Huntsman has entered, his hound runs off. The Huntsman gives chase and soon comes across a pool. A hand reaches out of the pool and pulls the hound under. The Huntsman then rushes back to the King with news of what he has seen.
Once again, this week I began by exploring some ideas in my sketchbook.
When doing this I almost always include a figure as I feel it adds more story to the image and gives a sense of scale. I also attempted some compositional thumbnails in photoshop using some techniques I picked up from a tutorial. Here are some of my better doodles.

To help further explore my ideas, Karol recommended a tutorial for environment thumbnails which involved finding cool ideas through different shapes and colours. It involved blurring, stretching and playing with different overlays in photoshop to find the base of what could potentially be a cool thumbnail. You would then paint over the top. Here are some of the better examples I created.

I ended up choosing the thumbnail below after recieveing some feedback. Although I played around with the idea of a forest that we are not used to seeing, I eventually decided that I would create a forest that most people would be familiar with.

I wanted to push the composition of the piece and so I created a small whitebox in 3dsMax to block out what I had in mind. For my final piece, I wanted to showcase the environment as best I could but also have the image tell a story. By adding the pool and the dog to the final piece I felt it added that extra element of story. Here is the process that went into the final piece.

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