Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Karol Week 1: Kings

In the Iron John story there are two kings, so in the first week of our FMP we decided to design one of them each. The description of both is quite brief and lacking details which gave us plenty of room for our own interpretations. In situations like that I like to start my design process by drawing many silhouettes. That allows me to explore a lot of different ideas in a quick way by focusing on overall presence of the character rather than details.

After I finished drawing those silhouettes I chose a few which shapes stood out the most against the others, and I explored them a bit further by adding some values on top of them. I also started one more elaborate sketch with intention of adding some background, however I wasn't really happy with it so I abandoned it.  

I still couldn't decide which direction I wanted to go with this character so I did some quick additional sketches. I used my sketchbook and pencil instead of Photoshop which helped me to concentrate purely on ideas instead of what type of brush or layer mode I should use.

  These sketches as well as reading the story again helped me to finally make up my mind. In the Iron John the second king was fighting in the war so I decided to shape my design around that. He needed to be a warrior, to look strong and wear an armour instead of fancy robes. Knowing that I came up with a few more ideas using photobashing. I was a bit sceptic about using this method of work as I like to create my designs from scratches but Finn talked me into trying it and I must say that I'm glad he did because I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. After I decided on one idea I turned it into an illustration.  


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