Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Proposal for Iron John, Visual Development of a Grimm tale at DeMontfort University

We are Findara McAvinchey and Karol Nowak, studying Game Art at DeMontfort University. It has been both our long time goals to become concept artists in the entertainment industry and were hoping our final major project will steer us both in the right direction to getting into the industry. This is our FMP blog which will show our development of our project over the next 4 months.

FMP Title
Iron John, Visual Development of a Grimm tale at DeMontfort University

Brief Introduction / Overview
For 15 weeks we will be guided by our instructors to create original design solutions for environments, characters, props, vehicles and creatures found within the story Iron John. We will be applying all we have learned from visual design and some of game production from the past 2 years and applying it to our FMP. We are making sure to use 3D for a good portion of the project as it is widely used throughout the industry today. Some finished characters, environment, props, vehicles and creatures will have a strong 3D base to work on top of.

Brief Story Overview:
A young prince is captured by a wild man known as Iron John and taken into a great forest. He is raised by Iron John until the day comes where he must leave the forest. He travels the world looking for work and finds a job in a royal garden. The land is ravaged by war but with the help from Iron John the Prince defeats the opposing army and wins the heart of a princess. 

Key Images:

By the end of FMP we would like to have a printed book which showcases all our best work from the duration of the project. We are hoping this book will demonstrate that we will be capable of working in games or films as concept artists or as entry level concept art positions. We have looked at the specifications behind the position of a concept artist job role and we hope to hit these points with our project:
  • World Class concept art ability (environment or character)
  • Strong sketching, illustration and painting skills
  • Expert knowledge of Photoshop (or other industry standard)
  • Experience of working in a professional creative environment (games or film)
  • Developed understanding of art fundaments (space, form, light, surface, line, colour)
  • Self-motivated, great communicator, group focused, tenacious.
  • Insatiable visual appetite and awareness

 We hope it will showcase our ability visual problem solve and to create unique and interesting designs.

Visual Specification
The story Iron John will be our constant reference throughout the project. Each of us will have a different interpretation of what we visualise from the story and hopefully this will reflect in our designs.
We are fortunate that we have The Skilful Huntsman book as a visual style guide to reference for the duration of the project. It is also a perfect example of what we want our finished project to look like.

Project Structure, schedule and documentation/evidence
We plan to break up each thing we concept into 1 week periods and in order of their appearance in the story. We will be doing a weekly blog reviewing what we did that week. At the beginning of each week we will gather reference and proceed to produce various iterations, siluettes, sketches, studies and whitebox paintover’s depending on each other’s prefered techniques. By the end of each thing designed we hope to have produced a final image or various designs showcasing our ability to produce unique and interesting designs.

Development Schedule
We are hoping to take approximately a week for each asset that needs concepting.
We have also considered setting up a Facebook page for people to visit and look at the work we produce on a weekly basis. It might hopefully get us some increased attention and increase our internet presence, possibly even landing us a job.
Weeks 1-12 will involve concepting
Weeks 13-15 will involve preparing and organising the book and then sending the work off to get printed. We are allowing 3 weeks for the book to be printed and delivered in order to make sure it’s ready for hand-in.
This may differ slightly as we both have different work flows and other commitments during the week.
Once we have reached the project's deadline, we both hope to continue with the book in our spare time and produce a second book with more finished pieces.

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