Monday, 2 February 2015

Finn Week 3: The Huntsman

For this week we tackled the Huntsman from the story. In the story the Huntsman volunteers to enter the forest and discover what lies there. On having his hound taken by Iron John he returns to the castle to tell the King of what he has seen.
We also wanted to attempt the Industry Workshop contest which tasked us with designing a hunter on a frozen planet. This also gave us some direction to work with. It was a hectic enough week with me taking a trip to London for the VFX festival and trying to play a bit of catch up, but I knew this would be a fun challenge.
I started as usual with some silhouettes and narrowed it down to my favourites. I wanted it to be a big game hunter and imagined Iron John as some kind of giant. The bottom 4 ended up being my prefer ones.
I then preceded to design sketch, trying to imagine what might be inside the silhouettes and if I could put some different shapes together. I wanted it to be some kind of sci-fi design as sci-fi isn't one of my strongest areas. Helmet studies came next.

Following on from the head studies, I went onto messing around with some suit ideas sometimes referring back to my silhouettes.

Then came the weapon silhouettes. After some late feedback, it became clear to me that my design was starting to look more like a space marine and less like a hunter. I decided to simplify the silhouette and give him some kind of bow to bring back the hunter feel in the design.

Here is my final version. I attempted to use a tutorial on costume design for film as a reference when doing the final piece. It involved a lot of photobashing and paintovers to produce a satisfying design. I feel I managed to reign back the feeling of a hunter in the design.

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