Sunday, 8 February 2015

Karol Week 3: The Huntsman

There are quite a few huntsmen in The Iron John  story. All of the king's huntsmen go to the forest and vanish without a trace so he forbids anyone to enter it. Although, a few years later a travelling huntsman comes to the castle and he persuades the king to allow him to go inside and find out the reason behind the disappearing of king's people. In week 3 we decided to design that huntsman.

As Finn mentioned in his post below, we wanted to take part in Industry Workshop contest as the topic (a hunter) was quite similar to what we've planned to draw anyway. However, the contest's brief required from participants to design a hunter that was adapted to hunt on an ice planet, whereas the huntsman that I had in my mind was more suited to swampy environment like the forest that I designed in previous week. I was torn apart between those two visions for most of the week and in the end I decided to go with something in the middle, mixture of both.

As usually with character projects I started with some silhouette sketches, trying to find some interesting shapes and proportions.

After that I chose few that I liked the most and I painted on top of them. At this stage I was leaning more toward the ice planet hunter idea.

Although, when I painted these I realized that none of them would work in swampy forest at all, so I grabbed my sketchbook and explored few more ideas, pushing them in a different direction.   

I liked these much better, but I felt that this was a good opportunity to challenge myself and try to figure out a good balance between those two visions and design something that would fit both environments. And I end up with this concept:

Even though I struggled with this week's topic I can say that I'm happy with how it turned out.       

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