Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Karol Week 10 & 11 - Travels

I really enjoyed working on this part of the story, as it allowed us to show more of our vision of Iron John's world. In my vision it was full of strange lands, rich in artefacts and reminiscence of ancient civilizations. I tried to capture that in the pencil sketches by showing a lot of broken statues, crushed pillars and abandoned ruins.  

After that I moved to photoshop. Again, in those sketches I wanted to show something of an epic scale, however I still couldn't decided what would that be? Maybe humongous statue of some sort of ancient god?

 forgotten by time place of religious ceremony?

or maybe not exactly abandoned temple?

As I couldn't decide, for my final I chose to focus more on the prince's means of travel, as opposed to places he's visited. I like the idea of prince travelling on back of a strange animal, which I explored a bit in my pencil sketches before. I still wanted this piece to show the epic scale of this world and how bizarre it is, so the animal itself had to be humongous. I asked myself 'what would be the most ridiculous creature to ride on?' And then I thought 'why not a gigantic, purple, bird-eating slug?'

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