Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Karol Week 13: Army/ Armour

Unfortunately, for this part of the story I haven't had as much time for exploration as I had for other designs in previous weeks. Because of that in that week I had to come up with quite defined idea in my head before putting pencil down to the paper. 

I decided to design an armour for the army that the king and prince are fighting against in the war. As the reason behind this war wasn't revealed in the story I decided to come up with one, as it is always a good idea to have some background story for a design. In my vision the antagonist army is a bunch of pagan, barbaric tribes that don't want to be placed under the command of the king.

As this was the last thing that we were working on, and most of my drawings for this project was quite stylized, just for fun I decided to try something different. I took the three pencil sketches from left and then using photo-bashing technique I turned them in to the more realistic drawings.

After doing some helmets sketches it was time to think about the rest of the armour. I imagined those warriors as primitive but powerful berserks with leather armours covering only parts of their bodies.  


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