Saturday, 16 May 2015

Week 13 - Army/ Armour

The armour had to be more imposing and intimidating than the army Karol was designing in order to have contrast between the two of them. While Karol went for a more tribal appearance, I went more towards royalty or godlike. I made the silhouettes as big and imposing as I could without it looking to cluttered or ridiculous.
I liked the idea of having animal features in the armour. I particularly liked the idea of having a large headpiece on the torso and having quite a brutish appearance.
I mixed and mashed the shapes I liked the most and after some feedback I was told to push the silhouette even more. I also felt it was important to have some orthographical drawings in my portfolio.

I added some base colour to assist myself when it came to doing a rendered piece.

Here is a base sketch for the final where I also experimented with the weapons the army might have.

In the story, Iron John calls forth an army from the forest in order to help the Prince defeat his enemies. Maybe there an ancient race that fell in battle many years ago and now the forest has grown around them? Maybe they once belonged to Iron John? When designing the armour I designed it around the proportions of Iron John. I wanted to give the impression that you couldn't tell if the armour was human or something else. It was also going to be enchanted by Iron John's magic, making it come to life.

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