Saturday, 16 May 2015

Week 12 - Princess

It was important to me that the Princess contrasted the Prince somewhat in design. Similar to my travels piece, I thought a more Steampunk/ industrial look would be fitting.

As the story progresses, we learn that the Princess has a love of flowers especially those brought to her by the Prince. Having that industrial feel I thought it might be cool if plant life was more of a luxury in the great industrial city. Maybe plant life struggles to grow except in the Royal Garden? Perhaps the flowers brought to the Princess require a pod to survive for example.
Below are some exploration sketches.

I tried to include floral motifs into her dress. I wanted the dress to have a metallic feel to it but at the same time it was wearable. One designer I was particularly inspired by was Jean Paul Gaultier.
I tried to combine a mixture of both modern fashion as well as influences of dresses from the 19th Century cowboy era.

I played with contrasting areas of flowing fabric with more metallic surfaces. I was attempting to establish a balance between graceful and immobile. It was important she had a sleek, elegant appearance in contrast to the Prince after his time spent in the forest.

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